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I have just become a single parent, Help!

There are a lot of changes going on in the world right now, and you might be overwhelmed by them.

If you need help on your way, we have some practical advice and things to think about that will help you.

Neither you nor anyone else says it’s going to be easy. You can do it! You’re not the only one. The SingleParents Facebook group is a good place for you to meet us and have a chat.

Mediation can be a perfect way for couples to resolve disputes.


Our single parents and their families break the cycle of poverty, become hopeful, self-sufficient, and make more of a difference in the world.

We can help you

Are you able to stay in the same place? There are different options based on whether you were living together or married, and if you were renting or owning a home. Take a look at this detailed article about what happens to your home when you and your partner split up.
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Finances and money
All of the benefits and credits that you are entitled to have been claimed by you so far. When the government comes to you for help because of your income, savings, and other things like that, you might be able to get some money from them. See if you qualify for financial help for single parents.
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When you become a single parent family, you may not be able to work or not work. If you don't work, it might be that you have to think about going back to work in order to be financially safe. It's also possible that if you go back to work, you'll have to change your child care arrangements.
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In the end, being a parent is about giving our children a happy and healthy childhood. separation, anxiety about money, problems with your house or your ex can make being a parent difficult instead of what you had hoped.

There are a lot of good things to read in this section, and you should also take our Confident Parenting course.